Friday, November 14, 2014

Geometric Friday - 11/14/14: "Pittsburgh Morning in Perspective"

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Recently, I've been playing with creating arrangements of panels I create in Photoshop, then applying one of my artistic images to each panel, or using one image and applying different parts of it to individual panels, as I did here.

How I did it:

First, I created my 2 panels in Photoshop. They started out as rectangles, both the same size, but because the one on the left is "bent back" more than the other, it seems to be smaller.  I used a very wide photo with a panoramic view.  I chose about 2/3 of it and placed half of it on each panel before using the perspective and scale tools to distort them into a 3-D appearance.  I darkened the left section to increase the 3-D effect and added a bit of shading under the panels. Then, I used just the far right part of the right section to enlarge for the background. I desaturated the background and added a golden-yellow overlay.  (I did this to mimic the yellow reflections in the river, but also because the city's traditional colors are black and gold.)

"Pittsburgh Morning in Perspective"
I live far enough from Pittsburgh, that I don't go there often. But in August, a woman from Louisiana was visiting the area and asked our local photography meetup group for suggestions on where to go to take photos while her friend was at work. Since I'm retired and she was only 5 miles away, I offered to drive her around the city ---which is difficult to navigate, even for the natives.

I looked online to see what time the sun was supposed to rise. We left early enough to arrive at the Mt. Washington area to take photos of the sunrise over the city and its three rivers.

Besides showing her the sights, it gave me an opportunity to take hundreds of photos myself.


BLOGitse said...

This is cool geometric work!

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

This is beyond amazing ... and how early did you have to get up to get there in time for the sunrise. I love what you do with perspective ... actually I love what you do with everything, but this one wins a prize. Great choices, colors and technique and also thank you for sharing some of your process ... I am determined to figure out how to do this :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

CJ said...

Andrea ---Most people would have to get up to see the sunrise, but I worked at nights for years. When I retired, I continued to stay up. Now my schedule is about 180º off the norm. I go to bed at 11 am or noon. I get up around 7 or 8pm.

So I was already up and on my way by about 5 am, which is like 5 pm to me. I was meeting someone and since I never had to drive into the city for work, I wasn't sure how long it would take to drive there, even that early on a weekday.

My friend was late, so we just had time to find a parking spot, and set up tripods before it was time to take some photos.