Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Digital Art - 11/5/14: "Mosaic Trees"

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"Mosaic Trees"
Original photo:
"Signs of Autumn"
How I did it
I snapped a photo of a mosaic floor (in red, orange & yellow hexagonal tiles) in a restaurant. (At that time, I had no idea how I would use it.)

I made that image much smaller and kept repeating it to cover a photo-sized canvas. (I wanted small tiles, not the large ones as in the original photo.) I saturated the colors. 

I used my photo of fall trees that had almost all yellow leaves. I removed the sky and placed it on a separate layer above the mosaic and under the layer with tree branches and leaves. I duplicated the trees, overlapped, scaled, and flipped them to make them look like more trees. Then I created a composite layer with the sky and trees directly above the mosaic layer.  At this point, I had only 2 visible layers, mosaic, and trees/sky. I selected the yellow leaves & deleted them, allowing the mosaic to show through the blank spaces. 

By making the tree/sky layer somewhat transparent, the mosaic is slightly visible under the sky. Look closely to see the geometric design from the mosaic floor. I copied the branches and placed them on a layer on top of everything else (or they would have been transparent, too.) 

I also created a version using several shades of green instead of autumn colors. It can be viewed here:

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Anonymous said...

Cool mosaic and I love all the layers and effects you applied...
My NF DAM abstract has just a touch of circular mosaic in it too!

NatureFootstep said...

your tree is so cool. I´ve been thinking of doing something like that but has not yet done it. Glad you like my little bird. :)

And now , a little lesson. you can delete the flawed link yourself. Do you see the little square or x beside your link. click it and you will be able to remove the link. Give it a try. :)