Sunday, November 2, 2014

Geometric Friday - 10/31/14: "Spanning Space"

Geometric Friday hosted by LorikArt. Click on one of the links to see what others have created or add your own.

I'm a few days late in posting this for two reasons. First, I just discovered this meme. And secondly, I developed back pain. Sitting at my computer is awful, but so is just about everything else ---sitting, standing, lying down, walking.  I haven't tried standing on my head yet, but if that would relieve the pain, I'd try it. I've been toughing it out over the weekend and will see my doctor on Monday if it persists.

So, here is my first entry to Geometric Friday.

Recently, I've been playing with creating arrangements of panels I create in Photoshop, then applying one of my artistic images to each panel (as in this one), or using one image and applying different parts of it to individual panels.

"Spanning Space"

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Andrea Priebe said...

Yes! What a delight. I love the way you do that and the design as a stand alone would be wonderful. Creativity runs in your veins, CJ ... I love it!

Andrea @ From The Sol

lorik said...

ps. I hope your pain is getting better... I know how you feel... I couldn't,,,,still can't, sit for long at the computer - because of my knee! I 've even tried putting my leg up on the desk (or a chair ) with ice packs..etc... I see my dr tomorrow (he was on holidays)... I hope your dr fixed yours!

lorik said...

Thank you for going to all that trouble...despite the pain....of making an artwork for Geometric Friday. I can imagine how you must have felt when you finally came to GM to find no linky list! I am so sorry.. I simply forgot to add it... Your work is wonderful..and I agree with Andrea... creativity does run in your veins!

Thank you for coming back to GM and adding it to the linky.

Lmkazmierczak said...

Very cool artistry...hope your back feels better soon♪