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"The Makeover"
(©2001, C.J. Peiffer)

Digital Photo Retouching
Payments accepted through PayPal
cropping - resizing
lighten, darken or add contrast
color correction or brighten colors
remove blemishes, flaws, stray hairs, spots, lint - even skin tone
add spots of color to black and white photos
change from color to black and white
change from color or black and white to sepia
tint a black and white image with cheek or lip color
change to a monochromatic image (shades of blue, for example)
remove glare from eyeglasses - enhance smile
correct "red eye" - open closed eyes
soften wrinkles, lines, dark circles - lighten or darken hair
change or remove background
change a photo into a pen and ink drawing, a work of pop-art, or other artistic image
in a group photo, replace a face with one from a different photo
if one person is missing from a group photo, it may be possible to add him/her from a different photo
touch up, repair tears, discoloring, or missing pieces of antique photos


(such as those taken by a professional photo studio unless they are at least 75 years old.)
We do not accept professional-looking photographs.

Pro Artz does not accept any nude or pornographic images nor "suggestive" images of minors.
Pro Artz respects your privacy, however we may be obliged to release private information if you send photos that depict illegal activity, including (but not limited to) child pornography, terrorism, hate crimes, abuse, violence, or drug usage.

****** By placing an order, you are certifying that you own the copyright or have the permission of the copyright holder to modify the photo(s) you send. ******


To take advantage of the Pro Artz digital photo retouching services, follow these steps:

1. Use the comment section of this post to write a comment.
    It should begin with "DO NOT POST" ---I monitor all comments and will not post it for others to see.
    Include your name and email address and tell me what you would like done to your photo.
    I will reply via email. You will then have my email address.

2. Scan your photo(s) or send a digital file from your camera
300 ppi (pixels per inch) preferred
3. Attach photo(s) to an email message with "Photo Retouch" in the subject line. Send it the email from which I sent you a message.
maximum attachment size per email 25 mb (you may send any number of photos as long as the total does not exceed 25 mb in one message)
if you are sending several photos, you may have to send them in separate email messages if the total exceeds the 25 mb limit
NOTE: your own email server may have a smaller mb limit for sending/receiving attachments. If your limit is smaller than the size of your attachment, choose one of these options:
1) Best choice: go to to set up a gmail account (it takes only a few minutes) that will allow attachments up to 25 mb
2) Another option: reduce the dimensions of the photo and/or reduce the dpi to 200
4. In your email message, explain, in detail, what you want to have done to the photo.

5. Pro Artz will reply to your email with an estimate of the cost of services based on the time it may take to complete the job.
Standard pricing:
$12 minimum for up to 30 minutes
$3 for each additional 15 minutes
(Currently our pricing goes to 2 hours and 45 minutes; if you have a large order or very difficult problem, we can add another pricing button for higher costs.)
If the cost will run over the estimate by more than $3, we will email you for approval. We usually estimate a little high in case we run into unforeseen problems. The final bill may be less than the estimate and never more than $3.00 more unless we have contacted you.
Because everything is done by email, there are no shipping charges and services can be provided to anyone in the world who has a valid email address and a PayPal account.

Save by sending more than one photo at a time.
We found no other photo retouching service which will reduce prices in this way.
Example: If you send two photos a month apart, and it takes 1 hour to retouch each, the cost will total $36 for two 1-hour jobs. If you send both with the same order or on the same day, we will charge you for one 2-hour job which will be a total of $30.
         If you have very simple jobs, for example five photos that simply need a few tweaks, send them on the same day.  Instead of charging a minimum of $12 for one photo for up to 30 minutes, it is possible it will take only 30 minutes to complete all five.
6. You will have 15 days to agree to accept our estimate.
If you do not accept the estimate, we will delete your photo scan(s) after 15 days. Keep a copy for yourself in case you want to resubmit it later.

7. Unless we inform you otherwise, you should expect your photo to be retouched within 10 days of your acceptance of the estimate, usually much faster. Ask about additional costs for rush orders.

8. When the retouching is complete, we will attach the retouched photo(s) to an email. Each retouched photo will have a Pro Artz "watermark" on it until payment is received.
If you are satisfied, go to step #9.
If not, reply to the email with additional requests to improve the photo.

9. PAYMENT - Once you are satisfied with the retouched photo, come back to this post to make your payment by clicking on the pulldown box at the bottom of this post and choosing the appropriate payment amount. Then click BUY NOW.
Once the payment is received, we will email the retouched photo(s) without the Pro Artz watermark. Unlike some other companies, we do not retain the copyright on the retouched image. The emailed file will be yours and you may print as many copies as you wish. You may give copies of the file to friends or relatives, too.
      If you wish to have more work done on it, it is your responsibility to save the file (preferably in at least 2 places, for example, on your hard drive, and on a DVD and/or on a flash drive.)

1) If the question is of a general nature, leave a comment for everyone to see.
2) If the question is specific to a particular photographic problem or a specific order, leave a comment that begins with "DO NOT PUBLISH." 
Please be advised that it may take several days to get back to you because occasionally, we are away from our computer for a few days at a time. Once a year, usually (but not always) in August or September we are on vacation for 2-4 weeks and although we may have internet access, we prefer not to be tied to our computers while on vacation.
(©2009, C.J. Peiffer)

Digital Photo Retouching

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