Friday, October 31, 2014

Black and White Weekend - 10/31/14: "Lofty Arches"

asks us to post a black and white photo. No spot colors. No sepia. Black and white, only.

Another image from the interior of the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh. I keep going back to the photos I have of this building. It is beautiful and the photos are better in B&W than they are in color.
"Lofty Arches"
(click on image for larger view)
This image gives a good idea of how much the interior of
this building resembles a cathedral.  Those arches must be 50-60 feet high.
What a beautiful place to learn.

There are many tables with chairs, long tables with pew-like benches
(which can be seen in the background) and lots of nooks and crannies
for students to study here. I noticed that many outlets have been installed
in the last few years for students to charge their electronic devices.


Linda said...

Beautiful image! Looks great in black and white!

Dragonstar said...

The arches have such wonderful lines! Your photo shows great and attractive detail.

lorik said...

I love cathedrals and when travelling - some time ago - we visited lots. Your image is beautiful, i like the strong verticals and contrast in the black and white.
And guess who forgot to put up the linky list for Geometric Friday?? I feel so stupid!! It is up now if you would like to share your work.

Anonymous said...

Nor only resembles a cathedral - it IS a cathedral. Very fine lines and structures and post-work. I like it very much.

Annette P.-L. said...

Great photo in B&W! Wonderful arches!

RobertN said...

Beautiful photo.

Pat said...

Gorgeous image. What a wonderful education structure.

Jarek said...

Impressive photo. I love it in B&W.