Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Abstract Photo - 10/15/14 - "Ruined"

NF Photography prompt: Abstract Photo

this image was decayed so much that it was

almost an abstract by itself. I only
enhanced it to bring out textures
and add some color.

I like taking photos of old, run-down, or even decaying things. Unlike items that are shiny and new, these items have "character," even when crumbling to ruin.

One morning I set out to take photos in some car wrecking yards.  I didn't want to call ahead because I thought they'd refuse to let me take photos if I asked, but figured that once they saw I was a harmless older woman, they wouldn't refuse me.  I didn't realize that most auto junk yards in this area have very limited hours. I stopped at five and they were all closed, behind locked gates.  I was able to take only a few photos through the spaces in their chain-linked fences.

Why the owners even kept some of the decaying vehicles is beyond me.  Before they became piles of rust, they may have been able to sell them for recyclable scrap metal. Now, many are worthless.

Original photo of front end
of rusted-out car.


Andrea Priebe said...

Wow, I wouldn't have guessed what the original was ... the abstract looks like something from an alien movie ... The coloring is awesome and the effect borders on cartoonish (as I see a smile on the aliens face) and spectacular. This is a wonderful piece of art ... and so much fun to explore it.

Andrea @ From the Sol

NatureFootstep said...

did not expect it to be from a car. And I should really know taht. :) Like what you achived with it.

Lmkazmierczak said... find! Will have to keep my eye out for decaying contraptions now. I reloaded my photos on my blog, so hopefully they will now load properly♪