Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Abstract Photo - 10/29/14: "Sunset from the West Promenade"

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"Sunset from the West Promenade"
In mid-September, when I was gone for two weeks, we were in Portland, Maine.
The West Promenade was about 5 blocks from our vacation rental
so we walked there several evenings to watch the sun set.

For this image, I copied the silhouetted trees, repeated them over and over in varied sizes.
I pulled my colors from various parts of the sky in the original photo.

I've been creating or cropping a lot of my images in a square format lately.
It doesn't work for everything, but I especially like it for some abstracts.

"Sunset from the West Promenade"
Portland, Maine
September 2014


Judy said...

I love your adaptation!! The original is pretty blah, but the final version just has so much to see, and I love all the colours!!

Andrea Priebe said...

Oh yes, CJ, nicely done. I too like the square format in many of my "paintings". I'm not sure why except it seems to allow me to capture what I am after when I start to crop. I love this painting ... just the right subtle touch of orange.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Anonymous said...

wow- very cool effect!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Lovely layered effect♪

NatureFootstep said...

A great idea that I like. Might steal it sometime. :)

Prairie Jill said...

Beautiful piece!