Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Abstract Photo - 10/1/14: "Dried Flowers"

NF Photo: Abstract Photo alternates with Digital Art.

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I snapped my original photo a couple of years ago along a walking trail at a state park. The image is of wildflowers that have lost their petals while the seed pods in the middle of each flower has dried to a pale tan color. I wanted the image to have more of an autumn ambiance and look more like art than photo, so I added yellow, orange, peach, and brown, overlaid a texture and added a little bas relief to the foreground flowers.

"Dried Flowers"
Original photo, 10/13/12,
Moraine State Park, PA

Photoshop Tip: One of the problems with digital (vs. film) photography, is that images often have a little bit of a hazy quality. If you have Photoshop CC, you can now go into Camera Raw filters from the filter tab. For most photographs, I find that by moving to the right on the Clarity scale and also on the Vibrance scale, I can improve almost any photo. Sometimes that's all I need to do to bring out the details, up the contrast, and up the color a bit.

I've been enhancing old Kodachrome slides that are 45 years old. Many have spots, are scratched or dirty ---and those need a lot of work  But a lot of them are just badly faded.  By upping the  Clarity and Vibrance, I can make most of them look pretty good and some even look great.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

These are beautiful CJ, bouquet on the table beautiful. I wish I did have PSCC because I often need to improve the quality of my pictures ... but sadly, I am still on PSE. It's a money thing :( I will keep this hint though, just in case ....

Andrea @ From The Sol

Anonymous said...

lovely processing on the photo! Dried flowers and seed heads make great photos...

Judy said...

Wow!! Your work makes such a difference to the image!!! I love it!!!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Fantastic transformation♪

CJ said...

Andrea ---PSE probably has a way to change levels. To
get rid of haze, just move the dark arrow to the right and the light one to the left. It will up the contrast and clarity a bit.

I usually make a new layer, then I make changes. Then I can turn the new layer off and on, to see which one looks best. Sometimes the new layer looks good, but maybe I've gone too far with it. Then I can lower the opacity of that layer until it looks just right.

Marshaleith ---I couldn't think of the word ---but you reminded me, they are seed heads. Thanks.

CJ said...

For anyone interested in upgrading their Photoshop, I think Adobe is still having a sale on PS CC for a $9.99/month subscription (plus local tax.) It comes with Bridge and Lightroom. (I was assured that as long as I continue subscribing the price will not rise.)

For me $10 is worth it, because I use PS for hours and hours every single day and that works out to about 35¢/day (with tax.) But if you use it only a few times a month, it is probably better to stay with PS Elements or use online enhancement software.

The advantage to the subscription is that it automatically updates at no additional cost. The last full-version of PS (CS6) ---cost so much that it would take me nearly 6 years of paying $10 month to cover the cost, and by that time, I'd need to update to a newer version, but I think there is no newer version, only PS CC by subscription.

If anyone needs help doing something in Photoshop and you can't find an answer online, leave a comment. Preface it with DO NOT PUBLISH (I monitor comments, so I won't publish it) with your email address and state what you are trying to do, and I'll get back to you.

NatureFootstep said...

sorry I´m late to respond here.

I like the effect you applied. I don´t have SS so I can´t use it. :(