Monday, July 14, 2014

Digital Art and Summer of Color - Week of 7/14/14: "IMPRESSION"

NF Photography prompt: Digital Art
NF photo alternates a prompt for a Digital Art creation with a prompt for an Abstract Photo on alternate Wednesdays.

Scroll down for the Summer of Color version:
Week 6's colors are:  Raspberry, Tangerine, Lemon

This is one of the pieces I originally created when I was first learning Photoshop, 25 years ago.  At that time I was experimenting with shapes, textures, gradients, and colors. Photoshop didn't even have layers then, so if I added something and then didn't like it, I could undo only that one step, but after that my change was permanent. (I ended up saving each image after each change and adding a new number at the end of the title.)

In 2001, I recreated it with a more sophisticated version of Photoshop when I needed a gift for a coworker named Mark.  When I'm trying to come up with a title, I often use my computer's thesaurus. When I entered "mark," one of the words that came up was "impression," so that became the title for Mark's gift. At that time I had found some great ink jet paper with a silver sparkly texture, almost like a holograph.  Some images didn't work well on it, but this one looked terrific, so I printed it on the special paper, matted and framed the image for my friend. (Unfortunately the paper is no longer being made, but I had purchased several packages of it and I still have some.)

I also promised Mark that I would never print another one just like his gift. His had only red, black, royal blue and gray in it. The sparkly paper had no ink on it where the image was white.

This image has been reworked numerous times over the years and I reworked it again for this Digital Art prompt and then reworked it again for Summer of Color.  Because I don't remember how many times it was reworked and I lost some of older files when a hard drive crashed, I chose to add a X  and XI for version 10 and 11.


"Impression X"
Created completely in Photoshop.
"Impression XI"
Summer of Color version: essentially
the same design with color changes, but
I changed a few design elements, too.
Raspberry, Tangerine, & Lemon are the colors
for this final week of this year's S.O.C. meme.

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sheila 77 said...

What a well-balanced design and it looks perfect in the latest SOC colours. I enjoyed reading about your adventures in Photoshop.

Anonymous said...

cool- I haven't figured out how to do digital art yet!!

Linda K said...

fabulous design work-in both colors!!!

Krisha said...

Very cool design.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I also got my first copy of PhotoShop about the same time as you (2001). I still haven't learned how to manipulate digitally, but I can tell YOU have. This is a gorgeous composition. Very impressive and well balanced.

CJ said...

Bluebeard and Elizabeth ---
I actually got my first version of Photoshop in 1989 which came with my first scanner. I bought a newer version (used) sometime in 2000 or 2001. I then purchased CS3 (used) in 2010 and now use version CC which I got with a special deal for $9.99/month plus tax. It would take nearly 6 years of $9.99/monthly payments to pay for a new version of CS6 ($699) and that doesn't come with automatic updates like the CC version does. I figure the $10 is worth it since I use Photoshop every day unless I am on vacation or away from my computer.

I'm going to add a link to my post about the $9.99/month Photoshop special that is running right now.

Kristin said...


Sharon Fritchman said...

I love the digital image you created in Photoshop! It is so creative and cool. Thank you for sharing your talents these past weeks for SOC! HUGS!

BJ said...

Great digi image, the colours are so vibrant there. Thanks for visiting me. BJ

massofhair said...

Fantastic to see such wonderful digital ArT. I struggle with Photoshop so use Craft Artist Professional :-) xxx

Valerie-Jael said...

Love this, great use of the colours. Valerie

Cindy McMath said...

Lovely abstract and great showcase for this week's colours!

Caz said...

Oh tho sis nice, I love all the square shapes in the background and the colours look so fab together!