Saturday, July 5, 2014

Black & White Weekend - 7/5/14: Alcoa Corporate Center

The Weekend in Black and White asks us to post a black & white photo, no spot colors, no sepia, black & white only.

1953 Alcoa Buiding
The old Alcoa Building (1953) in Pittsburgh was a rectangular 31-story skyscraper with windows that were reminiscent of rectangular portholes.  It was designed as a showpiece for the use of aluminum as a building material. Aluminum was used for the skin of the building and for utilities. Because of its light weight, substantial savings were made on the steel frame. This building is now known as the Regional Enterprise Tower.

Architects: Harrison and Abramovitz, one of the most famous architecture firms in the U.S. at mid-century, was responsible for many buildings in Pittsburgh (including the USX Tower and Four Gateway Center).

Alcoa Corporate Center
Pittsburgh, PA 
In 1998, Alcoa moved its corporate center from Downtown Pittsburgh to the North Shore of the Allegheny River. It's aluminum and glass facade reflects the city across the Allegheny River in its wave-like structure. Instead of hundreds of private offices, the interior has an open structure to encourage discussions and collaboration.

This photo was taken from one of the many bridges that spans the Allegheny River. On the right is an ivy-covered bridge abutment.

Exterior - Rusli Associates
Interior - The Design Alliance, which was also contracted to renovate the interior of the 1953 building.

Addendum 7/13/14:
My photo of the Alcoa Corporate Center was chosen as one of six featured photos for last week by The Weekend in Black and White meme.


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