Friday, July 31, 2009

UNSUITED - Friday Flash 55

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The idea is to write a story in exactly 55 words.
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Entering PetroAm’s lobby, John passed through the security scanner with his briefcase. An alarm sounded.

“I forgot my badge. I’m John Wallington Wexford,” he announced indignantly.

“We know,” the guard said, already dialing the memorized number.

“Dr. Landon, I’m afraid Mr. Wexford has escaped again. The hospital gown and slippers give him away every time.”

I'm going to be at a Mark Twain Conference next week, so I probably will not participate in Friday Flash 55 on 8/7/09.
I will have internet access, but I will be so busy, I doubt I will have time for anything except checking email.
See you in two weeks.
(©2009, C.J. Peiffer)


Mona said...

really? you can't pass out with that gown on?

My brother in law once ran away from the hospital wearing it! I wonder how he passed through!

anthonynorth said...

More planning needed, I think :-)
Enjoyed that.

Hootin' Anni said...

I like this a lot! Excellent story. Enjoy the conference next week.

My 55 is now posted. It's not fiction per sé but it's done. Come by if you get a chance. Happy Friday.

Fandango said...

Wow! A crazy human . We have a few crazy dragons but they can turn invisible.
Well written.

Ours is posted

Anonymous said...

Great 55! Made me laugh!

Head Cookie said...

Great 55. The poor man just remembers his morning routine but those darn hospital gowns give it away everytime. Have a great weekend. My 55 is up.

Lana said...

I love's real...something you can sink your teeth in..totally keeps ones interest and no guessing what the words mean...LOL. Cleverly done!
Here's mine!

Alice Audrey said...

LOL, yeah, that's a dead give away.

Dr.John said...

Now that the kind of flash 55 I really like. One that has a surprise ending.

Mine is posted

clean and crazy said...

too cute, love your story!!

listen for azure said...

Excellent 55 - I'll enjoy your return and coming back for more!

G-Man said...

That'l be in fashion in a few years you mark my words..

Excellent 55 My Dear..

Thanks for playing today, and have a Great Week-End...G

KB said...

Priceless. See you in a couple of weeks.

Lou said...

I think I saw that guy...LOL

Very clever 55!

Anonymous said...

hahaha - Love it! Awesome 55. ;-)