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He may look like a totally pampered dog, maybe even a spoiled one, however Herbie is an older dog who suffers from arthritis, so when his human parents walk at North Park (Allegheny County, PA) Herbie gets V.I.D. ---Very Important Dog ---treatment. He will walk for a short distance, but when he tires his owners lift him into his stroller.

The area near the swimming pool where my husband and I walk is about a mile and a half oval, with one crossover road that is approximately another quarter mile. We don't walk there every day, nor do we always walk at the same time. Even if Herbie and his family are at the park, they may be at the opposite end of the walking area, so we may miss them. But Herbie has a very distinctive bark, so I often hear him, even if I don't see him.

Herbie seems to be a much-loved pet. And he probably is totally pampered and spoiled. I hope so, because Herbie is currently my favorite dog and I look forward to seeing him on our walks.

Good doggie!

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Mara said...

That is soooo cute!

Dina said...

Good morning. Nice to meet you. You have a lovely blog here.
Sweet story about Herbie.
See you again soon.

Shelley Munro said...

Herbie looks as if he's enjoying himself!

James said...

Poor Herbie, but I'm glad he has good humans that help him.

Hilda said...

Poor baby. How very sweet of his 'parents' to provide the stroller. At least he can still go out because of it. Next time you see them, please give Herbie a big hug and rub for me. He's a cutie!

Katney said...

What a sweetie!