Thursday, May 21, 2009


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Each day brings feet

Across my planks

Transporting hordes 

Between the banks.

They stroll and tramp,

They jog and hike

Across the stream,

They walk and bike.

Foliage peeks through

My rustic rails

To greet my guests 

On walking trails.

Fresh leaves invite

Folks to slow down

To view the day

In her green gown.

        This footbridge crosses a stream along the walking/biking trail around North Park Lake (Allegheny County, PA) where we often do Nordic Walking.

(photo & poem ©2009, C.J. Peiffer)

7 comments: said...

CJ..that is a wonderful poem to go with your photo. How wonderful to be able to take a walk in a beautiful part of the country...I hadn't heard of Nordic Walking, but it reminds me of when I used to cross country ski.I am going to ask my physical therapist about those poles. What an interesting idea for a rehab... Thanks for participating in Nature Notes, I appreciate it....Michelle

Greyscale Territory said...

Gorgeous green edged footbridge! Love walking in worlds like this!

Paz said...

Wonderful photo and wonderful poem. I'd love to walk here.


Terri said...

What a lovely bridge - looks like the flora is enfolding it in a big hug!

MyMaracas said...

What an inviting bridge, and your poem is perfect for the photo.

Jenners said...

These go together so perfectly! Well done!

Carver said...

That's a beautiful footbridge. I love all the greenery on it. Also liked the poem with this post.