Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Digital Art - 12/3/14: Blending Into the Furniture

The Digital Art meme hosted by Natures Footstep memes now includes what was formerly the Abstract Photo meme.

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I usually create and set up my images for this meme weeks in advance, so I rarely use the suggested-but-optional, theme for the week. But this week's theme was to include a woman and I had just created several images that included women for several weekly challenges on the "Digitalmania" group on Flickr.

That group suggests doing something in the style of a particular artist or using a particular type of image each week, so each of these is very different.

So far, I have posted only three to that group and all three included images of women.

"Technicolor Mindbender"

#1.  This challenge was to create something inspired by artist Alberto Seveso who uses digital art to alter faces and bodies by adding flowers and other bits and pieces to produce ethereal images. Seveso's work can be found here:

I had a few face photos, but I had never had anyone sign waivers for me to use them.  So I took the eyes from one face, the nose from another, hair from two others, and took a few parts from online images and blended them into one face that looks nothing like any of the ones I used to create it.

I decided to add snowflakes I had made at ---where anyone can digitally cut your own snowflakes.  TRY IT! IT'S FUN!  You can create your flakes and then email them to yourself or download them.

I had about 70 to choose from. Most were white, but I had colored a few in Photoshop. I used one for the entire image, another for the forehead and neck and another for the cheeks.  I didn't intend them to look like snowflakes, but rather like radial designs or perhaps mandalas.

When I added the snowflake over the entire face, it looked like rays radiating from her forehead. That, along with the staring eyes, gave me the idea for the title.

Snowflake used over entire image above.
Digitally cut at Snowdays website---see link above.
I like to make my snowflakes very detailed
and complicated 

#2. The next challenge was to use the face of silent film actress Maude Fealy in an image.  

I used a photo of Maude Fealy that I assume is in the public domain. I used the perspective and scale tools to make it look like a film screen and added thin lines & spots to make it resemble old film grain. The filmstrips were created in Photoshop. I found a photo of an old projector online and used it as a model to "draw" my own in Photoshop and then added a triangle of light with feathered edges to look like the light of a projector.

"Silent Film"

#3. The next challenge was to design something inspired by artist Duy Huynh, a surrealist painter whose work is very playful. Samples of his art can be found here:

"Dora Just Wanted to Blend
Into the Furniture"
What I honed in on was not the artist's whimsical style, but the visual puns he created, reflected by the wordplay of some of his titles. 

For example, a painting called "Between the Stars and Stripes" pictures an acrobat on the back of a zebra against a night sky. Another called "Poetreehouse" shows a treehouse made of (poetry?) books. "Uplifting Melody" depicts a woman holding an old-fashioned record player being lifted from the ground by balloons. Imagine what he created for "Stowaway on a Train of Thought."

I looked at idiomatic phrases online, selected a few, thought about them for a few days and decided to use the idea of literally "blending into the furniture."

This one is definitely best viewed in a larger size to see the details. For example, I used the woodwork on the couch to create her hair. I added a claw foot to the couch and used it to create her hands and feet. Obviously the dress and shoes were made by  cloning the upholstery fabric and her dress in the frame was cloned from the wall paper.

This one took me much longer to create than the other two combined, but it was definitely the most fun.


Anonymous said...

great job on blending the woman into the furniture! I love the silent film woman too!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Wow, that's impressive...thanks for sharing another artist's works and how you were inspired by it♪

Andrea Priebe said...

You put so much thought and work into your art. Your talent abounds and I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite from this group. Each is inticing in it's own way. I learn so much from following your step. I don't expect to ever be as successful as you, but I do enjoy experimenting with the ideas. Thanks CJ, these are a real treat!

Andrea @ From The Sol

Lady Lilith said...

How cool. What a unique image of the women. I love it.

NatureFootstep said...

The silent film is my favourite.

Thanks for giving some of the links. I have to try them out when I am back from the dentist.