Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Digital Art & Geometric Friday - 12/10 & 12/12/14: "Iron Oxide"

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In August, I was called for jury duty. Once they picked all the jurors they needed, everyone else was dismissed around noon.  I have been called 6 times for jury duty and served 4 times, so I was not disappointed to be released.

I was not allowed to take my camera into the jury selection rooms, so I had locked my camera in the car, just in case I'd have time to take photos during a lunch break or after being dismissed for the day.

Butler (PA) was once home to several large industries. It was a wealthy town and has many beautiful buildings left from that era, including an impressive courthouse (in a photo at the bottom of this post.)  But the town has lost most of its large businesses, so there are also some run-down scenes in the city.  I like taking photos of both.

Once I retrieved my camera from my car, the first photos I took were in the parking garage.

Original photo:
taken in a parking garage in Butler, PA
For my abstract image, I used parts of this image and several others. I overlapped them and added a photo overlay with an image I had of rust, to add color and texture. I repeated the hexagon shapes to balance the composition and purposely left the parking meters (on the left) somewhat recognizable.

During one of my steps some blues and purples appeared, so I added more of those for variety and to balance the colors, and finally intensified all the colors.

The title "Iron Oxide" is the scientific term for rust.

"Iron Oxide"
I used the photo above and several other photos I took in the Butler, PA parking garage.
Butler County (PA) Courthouse,
built in 1885,
is on the National register of
Historic Places.
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Knipsa Passtscho said...

I love rust and what it did to that picture :) Great workk!
I can't wait to find some beautiful rust myself, so I can give that a try too :))
Have a fine day

marsha said...

great abstract and the title is perfect...and I like how you explain and hows and whys!!

Annemor said...

H . I like it, and the texture made it :)
Hav a nice day.

NatureFootstep said...

the rusty image brings out a lot of texture and georgeous colors to the garage :) Love it!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Ooh, love the textures and colors♪

EG CameraGirl said...

This looks so amazing to me! I love the line, the colours and the texture.

lorik said...

Beautiufl!! golden, shimmering, your image. Thank you for sharing and for your comment:)

Prairie Jill said...

Beautiful edit!