Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekend in Black and White - 6/28/14: "Reap What You Sew"

The Weekend in Black and White asks us to post a totally black and white photo "for monochrome maniacs."

Today I am posting a still life. I had to do a still life for a digital photo class, so I just started to grab things that I had around the house that seemed like they went well together.  I ended up with about 30 different compositions with fruit, china, ceramics, flowers, tools, game pieces, utensils, and whatever else I had available. A few look as good in black and white as they do in color. This is one of those.

The composition includes lots of triangular (or nearly triangular) shapes and that is what holds the composition together.  The seam ripper and the tape measure form a triangle. The spools of thread form a triangle. And even the small patch of open space in the upper right is a triangle.  Those, along with other diagonal lines pull it all into a unified whole. 

One other thing that helps with composition is that there are an odd number of each item, with one, three or five. Our minds tend to count even numbers, but dismiss odd numbers, so we ignore the number of items and just accept what is there for what they are. Of course, in many situations, we can't control how many items are in our photos, but when setting up a still life, we can. In situations where we cannot control how many items are in a photo, we may be able to zoom in or crop out what we don't want.

"Reap What You Sew"


lina@my home sweet home said...

Wonderfully captured!

HansHB said...

A great composition, creativ work!
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molly said...

This is a great shot, the depth of field is very strong giving real focus and texture to everything in the image


Dragonstar said...

I like your still life. The components come together well, and they're great in black and white.

Monica said...

Great still life photo... it work very well in b&w!

NatureFootstep said...

lol, how great, you found my sewing kit. :)