Friday, June 27, 2014

Kitty Par-TAY, Digital Art, Summer of Color - 6/27 to 7/2/14: "Tuxedo Cat"

I am joining the following memes with my "Tuxedo Cat" image:

Kitty Par-TAY ---a place to submit cat art (or other art) each Friday.

Caterday Art asks you to edit one of your cat photos to make it artistic. I didn't start with a photo. I designed this cat myself to look like folk art and donated cards and prints to a homeless cat organization.

For six weeks this summer, Summer of Color gives us three colors to use in a piece of art work.
The colors for Week 4 are: pink, apple green and dark green.

NF Photography has been having an Abstract Photo prompt each Wednesday. Beginning on July 2nd the promo will be for a Digital Art creation alternating each week with an Abstract Photo prompt.

Cat Art
Considering that my husband and I have had a number of cats over the years, I haven't produced much cat art.  But recently a friend who volunteers at a non-profit that spays and neuters stray cats asked me to donate to a benefit auction.  I could have donated anything ---it didn't have to be cat-related. However, I decided to design blank cat greeting cards and small matted prints featuring a fat tuxedo cat with a toy mouse.
"Tuxedo Cat in Green"
I wanted these to look like folk art.
I created them digitally using Photoshop.

It took about 20 hours to create this one
and about 15 minutes to change to each
color for other versions. The Summer of
Color took even longer.(See below for the same design
in other colors.)

Click on any image for a larger view of all.

My husband's mother worked for the Humane Society so his family always had a cat and a dog. My family had never had cats, only dogs, but when I bought a house  in 1978, I adopted a cat and soon had three. Two were gray and white, one short and one long-haired. The only female was a gray tabby.

When I met my husband in 1984, he had no pets because he lived in an apartment.

Three years later, on my summer break a tortoise-shell kitten crawled from under my car and came right up to me. We didnt feed her at first, but she stayed in our yard, so then we had four.

Two of them died over the years and then an older calico showed up with an all-white male kitten.  A few weeks later, she had a litter of four, so for a while we had eight total.  We found homes for three kittens and kept one, a long-haired calico female. We had the older calico spayed so we would have no more "surprises." As the years went on, several died and then a tuxedo cat adopted us. (Stray cats must sense that we are suckers for furry faces.) She was actually quite small, not fat like the one in my illustration.  It was sad when we finally lost her. She and my husband had a special bond, but we both miss her terribly.

By that time we were retired and wanted to travel.  Previously a friend took care of our cats when we traveled (not often) and I would walk her dog and feed and play with her cats when she was away.  But she had moved three states away and we had no one to take care of our very-spoiled cats.  So when the tuxedo cat had an inoperable tumor on her back that eventually affected her to the point she could no longer walk, we sent her to the great litter box in the sky and decided not to adopt more cats, at least for a while.

We know that once we are too old and decrepit to travel, we will probably adopt two from an animal shelter.  My husband isn't a people-person, but he absolutely loves animals.  He is a cat magnet. Strange cats go right up to him ---so they certainly must love him back.

I never saw a greenish cat
I never hope to see one,
But I can surely tell you that,
I'd rather see than be one.
(With apologies to Gelett Burgess who
wrote the famous purple cow poem.)
"Tuxedo Cat in Orange"
"Tuxedo Cat in Turquoise"
Click on any image foe
a larger view of all.
"Tuxedo Cat in Purple"

"Tuxedo Cat in Blue"
I created these in various
colors so I could package
cards in several color
combinations and so
that matted prints could
be selected by buyers to
match room decor.
"Tuxedo Cat in Gold"
"Tuxedo Cat in Red"
"Tuxedo Cat in Pink"
Cards are available with a larger face
as in this card.

Cards are available with an entire cat
including mouse toy as in this card.

 If you are interested in buying a set of 4 blank cards or a matted print:
All proceeds to be donated to The Homeless Cat Management Team (I donate my time and materials.)
Your check will be made out to that organization, so it will be tax deductible.

1. Leave a comment that begins with "DO NOT PUBLISH." (I monitor my comments, so I won't publish it.)

If you wish, you may also leave an additional comment about the post that will be published. In that case, please submit 2 comments, one for purchasing items and one for a general comment, not just one.

2. Include your email address and I will get back to you with information on where to send your check.

3. Specify your interest in the items listed below.

Prices include postage within the U.S.  If you want an item shipped elsewhere there will be an additional postage charge.

• 4 blank cards, full body with mouse toy (folded to 5.5" X 8.5") +4 envelopes (assorted colors to be chosen by us from what is available): $7.50

• 4 blank cards, larger face (folded to 5.5" X 8.5") +4 envelopes (assorted colors to be chosen by us from what is available): $7.50

• 5"X 7" matted print, $7.50,  specify color of print you prefer - mat will be either white or black depending on what we have available and will fit a standard 5" X 7" frame

• 8"X 10" matted print, $9.00, specify color of print you prefer - mat will be either white or black depending on what we have available and will fit a standard 8" X 10" frame

Note: Because of the mats, the outside edges of a print will be covered so it will appear to be slightly smaller than what you see above. Prints include the entire cat with mouse toy.

Prints are available in these colors: blue, gold, green, orange, pink, purple, red, turquoise and the special Summer of Color combination of: pink, apple green, and dark green.


JanettMarie said...

Cool Cats!

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Fantastic cat art!

Thanks for joining our blog hop.

Purrs xx
Athena and Marie

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

These are awesome!!! Love them

Cindy McMath said...

Oh my gosh these cats are amazing! I loved reading about all your kitties - I'm a cat person and grew up with one cat, then another - both strays too. One was a B&W chub just like this. Awww!

Great use of this weeks SOC colours!

sue :) said...

Fab Cats all at the touch of a button.

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ahhh, such a cute kitty

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Cool cats! Valerie

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I'm not a cat fan but I love these!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Wow! Such variety from a single image. I love them all but the SoC coloured one really stuck out for me. I enjoyed your cat tale and appreciate all you do for the furry critters :D

peggy gatto said...

Fab fat cats!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Bleubeard thinks your hubby is the best, and thinks the two of you deserve an award of some kind. You have created a lovely fat cat from another fat cat and his staff (me).

sheila 77 said...

What great stories about cats, how lovely to have cats and kittens approach you. I like your tubby, rather fierce looking cat (glad it's a clockwork mouse) and I like your poem too.

Christine said...

so stylish, love the texture of the pink rug.

missy k said...

Great collection of cats :)

Karen x

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How cute you made this cat in many color palettes.

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that's so cool! i like cats, these are awesome

Andrea Priebe said...

This is just simply fun. I have had cats all of my life. My husband doesn't like to travel so I go without him and he takes care of the animals. Not the best arrangement because I would love to have him go with me, but we both get what we want and that is a good thing. These cards are fabulous and you are quite the artist. You will be seeing my cats from time to time in the new meme. Great post CJ ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Ritva said...

Cats always melt my heart. Great post.

Lmkazmierczak said...

Good luck with your project. ..your artwork should be very popular! Just terrific results!

Sharon Fritchman said...

I loved reading about all of your cats over the years! Your art is so beautiful and I especially love the one you made using this week's SOC colors!

libbyquilter said...

well done and i love the modern folk art twist of it~! the colors are beautiful and i can imagine that they will bring in some much needed dollars for the charity.

i enjoyed reading about your cats and applaud you for doing what you can artistically to help with the cause.

i currently have two cats, both about 10 years old; Emmitt: an all black short haired male who is a total lover and Cricket: a calico short haired beauty who prefers her privacy and has an interesting meow all her own.


Caz said...

I have to say I ADORE your cat art :-) The SOC version was lovely but i'd happily take any of them!

Virginia said...

Oh they look great together

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lol, that´s a cool cat. Love it!