Monday, April 13, 2009


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Andy Warhol (with Billy Kluver), 1966
(photo: C.J. Peiffer, 2007)

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       The Warhol Museum is a strange and delightful place, built in Andy Warhol's home town of Pittsburgh. Warhol's studio in New York had been referred to as "The Factory" so it was appropriate to install the museum in an restored  factory/warehouse on the city's north shore.
          One of the galleries in the museum is filled with Warhol's "Silver Clouds", helium filled silver pillows that move around the room with air currents from small fans, bump into each other and into gallery visitors. In describing Warhol's creation of the "Silver Clouds," Ronnie Cutrone said, "It was a grand gesture; he [Warhol] was a master of the grand gesture."
        Warhol (born Andy Warhola in 1928) studied art at Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie-Mellon University) in Pittsburgh, then moved to New York where he had a successful career in advertising art before he created his famous Campbell's soup can paintings and became the king of pop art
        Warhol died at age 50 in 1987 after complications of gall bladder surgery.


Hilda said...

This is such a fun odd shot! I would love to be able to visit that museum.

Katney said...

It would never look the same twice.

Welcome to Odd Shots.

Jenners said...

This is interesting! I do have a fondness for art like this ... it kind of works. I like seeing the different views that you took. If I'm ever in Pittsburgh, I will check this out!

And I just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award here: