Monday, April 27, 2009


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         One evening after sunset, when we were waiting for the light to change at an intersection, I noticed a gorgeous violet sky to my right. I pulled my camera from its case and was just ready to snap a shot through the passenger window when the light turned green and my husband turned left.  Thus, I missed the shot.
        But, undeterred, I turned my camera toward the rear of the car and held it outside of the passenger window. I couldn't see what I was aiming at, but took a few shots anyway, just to see what I had left behind.  I was expecting to see mostly sky, but the photos turned up some surprising results.  
        One can see the side of our black vehicle and the headlights of the car that was following us. The violet sky is still visible, although not as gorgeous as when I first spotted it. Because we were moving, the trees on the left of the image are blurred and look like they are bending with a strong wind, even though there was almost no wind at all.
        I always like sharp contrasts in images. In this one, I like the contrast of the lighter sky with the dark landscape plus the harsh headlights and the soft wisps of tree branches.

(photo and text ©2009, C.J. Peiffer)


RuneE said...

A sunset from headlights - highly unusual!

Jenners said...

I like this! I always enjoy photos that show movement and I love when you get "accidental" shots that come out great. I got a great shot once when we were driving in the Lincoln Tunnel ... I'll have to dig it out sometime! And thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog this morning -- as always, I enjoyed reading it!

Hilda said...

It's a perfect movement shot!

Katney said...

You never would have done this without digital. Look what you have missed.