Thursday, August 7, 2014

Good Fences - 8/7/14 "Iguazú - Argentina"

Good Fences Thursday challenges us to post an image of a fence or gate each week.

Today we're going to Argentina.

Last week I posted photos from the Brazilian side of the border at Iguaçu Falls, along with many of the fences or railings there to keep tourists safe.

The Argentinean falls had a different feel to me. The Brazilian falls were wide and powerful. The Argentinean ones were narrower and higher (or maybe they seemed higher because they were narrower and I was closer to them.) Because they seemed to have more vegetation close and between them, it felt more like I was in a rain forest.

I saw no wildlife on the Brazilian side (other than birds), but saw coati on the Argentinean side, but it is debatable whether or not they were "wild."

Both sides of the falls were lovely and I was able to cross Iguaçu and Iguazú (different spellings in Portuguese and Spanish) from my bucket list.

If you want to see more photos of both the Brazilian and Argentinean sides of the falls and view a very short video (less than 30 seconds) that will give you a taste of the enormous roar of the falls, you will find those by clicking HERE.

I just realized, tomorrow it will be exactly three years since I landed in Brazil for my 2011 trip. I stayed until the end of August 2011 to visit old friends, former students and cross several places from my bucket list, including these falls.

Iguaçu has 275 cascades compared to Niagara's 3.  The highest falls are about 60% higher than Niagara's, too.

You see only a tiny bit of the
fence/railing here on a bridge over a
narrow bit of falls.
Coati are related to raccoons. Despite many warning signs to refrain from
feeding them, I saw many tourists doing so. These little beggars didn't
seem very "wild" to me, but they sure were cute  ----here standing on
a wall (do walls count as fences?) watching tourists eat.
As in Brazil, there were many metal or wooden
walkways and bridges to help tourists
navigate to the best spots to view the falls.
With so much water rushing over the
supports here and everywhere, I
was a bit leery of standing at one of
these locations for too long. 

I wouldn't want to be swept
away by all of that water.
It drizzled all day but with the overspray
from the falls, one hardly noticed.


TexWisGirl said...

some very powerful water flows! and, yes, i'd say walls and railings count as fences! :)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing sight! I would be leary, too.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Amazing flow of water.

ellen b said...

What amazing falls! It's amazing the power of the water.

Felicia said...

those waterfalls are amazing.

BumbleVee said...

That's what happens when people feed wild things..they become too reliant on it and also get bold and sometimes dangerous in their advances...

Breathtaking said...

Hi! Still haven't got my specs, so I'll be brief. Lovely waterfall shots, and thanks for your visit::)