Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photography is in the eye of the beholder....

I've been taking a digital photography class at my local community college.  As a senior citizen, I can take credited classes for free ---and since I am interested in so many things and I love to learn, I take one class each semester. I could audit the class for no credit and not be required to do assignments or take tests, but I always take classes for credit because I know I will put more effort into them.

So this week, I had to choose some of my best photographs and my instructor chose the 12 I would turn in for a grade.

Everyone has his/her own tastes, likes and dislikes, so of course, he chose different photos than I would have chosen, but still he was choosing from what I considered my best 50 or so.

I had taken more than 4000 photos since January ---most of which I threw out. Some were blurred, poorly composed, so dark or light they could not be corrected.  But I always took multiple shots of the same subject or scene, so most of the rejects were simply the photos that weren't as good as a similar one.

We had to include in our 12 photos at least one of each of these assigned topics:
Composition (almost any photo could fit into this category)
• Black and white light
• Landscape
• Through the window
• Still Life
• Environmental portrait  ---this is a portrait of someone in his/her natural setting (home, work, hobby)

Our instructor's particular likes tend toward photos that have strong light and those that have an indefinable "something special" that make them unique.

So here are the twelve photos I will submit for my grade. Click on any one to see a larger version. The text will be easier to read, too.

Please leave a comment on which are your favorites and why. At the end of this post is a link to more photos I took specifically for my class.

If I had made the choice of what to hand in, I would have chosen "Bleacher Seats," "Light," "Slide Show," "Walking Trail," and "Reap What You Sew." But I may have chosen others for the other 7 photos.  Click HERE to see 12 more of what I consider to be my best photos taken specifically for my class.

Leave a comment or either post to tell me which are your favorites and why.

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