Friday, February 26, 2010

SNOW GAMES - Monday Artday

(click on image for larger view)

          The challenge for his week and next on Monday Artday is "SNOW GAMES."  I imagine most people would do images of skiing, ice skating, or hockey, so I decided to follow a different path. I like games and puzzles, so I created a SNOW GAME.

          Every snowflake is supposed to be unique, but in the image above there are two snowflakes that are exactly the same design.  Can you find them?

          I could, of course, have created my snowflakes by cutting folded paper (see example, left) but anyone can cut their paper snowflake virtually at SnowDays.  (It takes a while to load the page, so be patient.)


Susan said...

Hi CJ! I just read your post and found your blog on Monday Artday. I LOVE this snowflake idea, it's so original, beautiful and fun. Your blog is really interesting and I enjoyed looking around at your different artworks. I love your cows too! I am primarily a colored pencil artist now, and have done lots of painting in the past. I'm just now learning photoshop, a friend of mine is giving me lessons starting this Friday (God bless her). It is so overwhelming at first. I just became your new follower, if you're interested, my blog address is:

Cheers and have a great week! Susan

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Oh that's a doodle. They are the two that look the same. When do I get my prize?

Susan said...

CJ - Thank you so much for your reciprocal follow on my blog and your wonderful comment! I sorry that you have to deal with carpal tunnel - I have tendinitis pretty badly and I'm wondering if that will be the end result eventually, but for now I'm hanging in there. I'm really glad you've had a lot of success with digital, thank goodness there are alternatives! Your work is so creative and fun, I'll be back again soon - enjoy your weekend! Susan