Friday, September 18, 2009

LANGUAGE BARRIER - Friday Flash 55

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The idea is to write a story in exactly 55 words.
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Duas uvas fritas,” I said in my best Portuguese.
The waiter looked like he was holding back a laugh. Maybe he found my pronunciation amusing.
While eating my eggs, I perused my Brazilian phrase book.
My face turned red and hot. Although I received what I wanted for breakfast, I had ordered two fried grapes.

(a true story)
(©2009, C.J. Peiffer)


Monkey Man said...

Great story and in 55. We can all thank Galen for making us get to the point.

anthonynorth said...

That would have been an interesting breakfast :-)
Enjoyed that.

Anonymous said...

I was at the market in my new home in Milan last week and while wanting a fresh fig ~ asked for a vagina. Got the fig and A LOT of laughs from the surrounding vendors. It happens!

My 55 is done and posted here.

Have a great weekend.

Chef Kar

Fireblossom said...

I'm here by way of Dulce's blog.

At least you didn't say, "Peel me a grape!"

Hootin' Anni said...

I love this!!!

Did you get your two grapes also?!! I would have demanded them. [kidding]

My 55 is posted...Elvis LIVES! Come join me if you can. And as always, scroll down below my Show n Tell Friday.

You'll find it HERE

g-man said...

I'm sure they appreciated the effort...Obviously!
Excellent 55 CJ..
Real life ones are the best!
Thanks for visiting, thanks for playing, and have a Kick-Ass Week-End...Galen

clean and crazy said...

how cute, at least you tried!! great 55!! mines up too.

g-man said...

Chef Kar...Fig/Vagina, they are both kinda sweet and gooey...:-)
I guess they got the point eh?

Dan said...

Be careful what you ask for - you might get it. {*grin*}

Dr.John said...

True stories make great 55s.
I loved this one.

Mine is posted


boots said...

oh soooo love this story! LOL and chin hairs!? yes, you know its bad when you get excited that the lighting is good to see your chin hairs!

Alice Audrey said...

LOL. Well, it's kind of the same shape.

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

GREAT!!!! A GREAT 55!!!!! ♥

As you know, mine's posted on Boomer Baby Bliss.

You're welcome back any time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my playground. I appreciate it. Great 55...what a breakfast I tell ya :) Have a great weekend :)