Friday, August 14, 2009

CHARMED - Friday Flash 55

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a silver chain,
charms added to evoke
cherished memories.

A sax for my first love.
Diploma for graduation.
Palette for my chosen field.
Airplane for my first flight.
Shoe for the large-footed
admirer who swept me off my feet.

The significance of some
have been forgotten.

My misplaced youth,
gathering dust in a drawer.

(©2009, C.J. Peiffer)


anthonynorth said...

An enjoyable 55, there. Nicely done.

Hootin' Anni said...

LOVED this!!!!!

Mine once again is shared. You need,as always, to click on the link at top or scroll down my entire Friday blog.

Have a great weekend.

Dulce Rosales said...

I love the way you write
Exceptional 55
Thank you

Dulce Rosales said...

When in your LiveTraffic Feed you see Barcelona (Spain)... well that's really Las Palmas> Canary Islands (where am from)

Fandango said...

All that on a wrist bracelet. Your whole life history. Of course for a dragon to do that we would need lots and lots of charms.
A delightful 55
Ours is posted

g-man said...

Indiana State?
Do you know Larry Bird?
Excellent 55 My Dear.
Nostalgia seems to be the theme of the day...I Love IT!!
Have a Wonderful Week-End...G

clean and crazy said...

i never had a charm bracelet, now i see the significance, nice 55

Lou said...

All the cool girls had charm bracelets in my youth, but my parents wouldn't get me one. They said it would just end up in a drawer...LOL

Lulda Casadaga said...

I still have mine that my aunt gave me many years ago..mines gold, but I'd rather have a silver one! So, alas it just sits in the box too...:D Great pics and great 55.

p.s. I have the state of FL on mine and I grew up in NJ...but, I did visit my aunt when she did live in FL, so I guess it was for the memory of the visit! ;)

CJ said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. A few responses:

Dulces: Glad to have someone join me from abroad. I have yet to visit Spain and Portugal ---hope to one day, maybe even the Canary Islands which I understand were named for dogs, not birds. I speak Brazilian Portuguese and understand some Spanish, so I think I will get along.

Fandango: In my area, years ago, there was a morning radio show and the guy had lots of regular fictional visitors. He did lots of voices and used an array of sound effects to create his characters. One was Brunhilda ---who was so big, he had to open a garage door (sound effect) for her to enter. One year for the holidays, he gave her a charm bracelet with a full-scale license plate from every state in the union (clanking metal sound effect.) That bracelet might fit a dragon.

g-man: Larry Bird? Well, the problem is ---and this confuses everyone ---I went to Indiana State College in Indiana, Pennsylvania, later Indiana University of PA.

Lulda: I have a California charm and an airplane together since my first airline flight was to Sacramento for a summer of Peace Corp training ---eventually served 2 years in Brazil.

Dulce Rosales said...

Yes; Canary Comes from Latin 'Can'= land of dogs, though not that so many, nor canaries either! (?) ha ha

Thank you!

Akelamalu said...

Ah but each one a memory :)

Lovely 55. :)

Prayer Girl said...

First a welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

I love this 55 - I have a silver and a gold charm bracelet, both gathering dust in a drawer somewhere around here.


Anonymous said...

I love charm bracelets. I never had one, but always wanted one. Great 55! ;-)