Sunday, June 21, 2009

COW PARADE™ Chi-COW-go (Odd Shots)

cow featuring a skyline view of the city
Nancy Parkinson
sponsored by
Central Michigan Avenue Association

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In September of 1999, I visited Chicago to see the Cows on Parade™ displayed on street corners, parks and buildings throughout the city. Over 300 fiberglass sculptures had been decorated by Chicago artists. At the end of the exhibit, they were auctioned for charity. For a detailed story about the exhibit, see a previous post Chi-COW-go, Chi-COW-go, that CUDlin' town.
The photos below are a small sampling of the variety of designs on the cow sculptures. My very favorite, "Diamonds Are a Cow's Best Friend" by Victor Skzebneski and sponsored by Salvatore Ferragamo can be seen HERE.

"Holy Cow"
a tribute to long-time baseball announcer Harry Caray, sat near the WGN studios
Ken Aiken, Aardvark Studio
sponsored by
Harry Caray's Restaurant

"Double Moo"
cow in Doublemint Gum colors
Peter Van Vilet, Lou Beres & Associates
sponsored by

"Fruits of Summer"
colorful cow near the aquarium along Lake Michigan
Shawn Finley
sponsored by
Chicago Park District

(as in "Elsie" I presume)
cow milk truck
David Innes
Sponsored by

"Out of Cowtowner'
typical bovine tourist
Manley Armstrong & Caren Spigland
sponsored by
(photos ©1999, text ©2009, C.J Peiffer)


The Duck said...

I loved these pictures. Us animals always bring smiles to humans dont you think?

Dr.John said...

Now one of those would have looked great in my front yard.