Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Does Anyone Else Hate Steam-in Bags?

I hate paying more than is necessary for anything.

Vegetables in steam-in bags have less content and cost more than regular frozen vegetables.

I checked prices a few days ago.  A one-pound bag of frozen peas was $1.79 (11.19 cents per ounce.)

A 12-ounce steam-in bag was $2.79 (23.25 cents per ounce)  ---more than double the price.

Other vegetables had similar price differences.

Oh, but the steam-in bags are so convenient, you say.  Really?????

With regular frozen vegetables, I have to put them in a container, then microwave them.

With steam-in bags, I have to microwave them, then put them in a container.

Same work, different order.

But now, it is almost impossible to find some vegetables in regular bags.

Please complain to your grocery stores about steam-in bags. Demand the regular bags of frozen veggies that have been around for years.

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