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Digital Art - 1/14/15: Trying an online photo editor

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I've never had much luck using the "Colored Pencil" filter in Photoshop. I've played around with it, and usually don't like what I get.

In searching for online enhancement sites, I found one that has several good filters for creating colored-pencil-like effects and lots of other effects.

The only problem is that you can only use an image that is the maximum size of 2 MB, which is fairly small. On an image that was originally 12 X 9 inches, I had to reduce it to 960 X 720 pixels to get it to 1.98 MB.

Below, I'll show you some of the results and give you a link to the photo editor and instructions for using it.

NOTE: After I applied the effects on the photo of trees below, I did not make additional changes in Photoshop, so you can see what the actual results were.
(I made additional changes on the very last photo "Mail Pouch" but not on the trees.)

I suggest clicking on any image for larger views of the effects.

Original Photo
If you want to try the photo editor yourself: (Don't be intimidated by the numerous steps---it's rather simple to use if you can figure out how to reduce the size of your image, first.)

Understand that a filter might look great on one photo and look terrible on another, so try several to see which you like best. There are 123 effects to choose from. (I can't imagine ever wanting to use about 75% of them, but some look great on some photos and I might find a use for more than I can imagine now.)

"Dark Pencil Drawing" efffect
"Clean Pencil Drawing" effect
"Stroked Pencil Drawing" effect
"Detailed Pencil Drawing" effect
"Typographic Photo Effect 3"
"Clean Impressionistic Painting" effect

1. First enhance your photo in any way needed. Save it as you usually would. (If you don't have software to do that, you might want to chose the "Colors and Details Enhanced" filter once you get to Steps 5 & 6.)

2. Then make your image dimensions very small. In Photoshop you can go to Image> Image size. Change the dimensions from inches or centimeters to pixels, then lower the pixels until it says 2 M or less at the top of that window.
        at 300 ppi (pixels per inch) at 960 X 720 pixels, the dimensions are 3.2 X 2.4 inches = 1.98 MB
        at 150 ppi (pixels per inch) at 960 X 720 pixels, the dimensions are 6.4 X 4.8 inches = 1.98 MB

3. Save it again in jpg format, adding something at the end of the title to tell you this version is very small or for this photo editor, such as Title960X720px.jpg or TitleSmall.jpg or TitlePictureToPeople.jpg

4. Go to the Picture to People website:           
        I suggest that you bookmark the page so it is easy to go back to ---you have to do that between effects and images.

5. Scroll down through all of the options to find an effect you want to try.
        For a colored pencil effect, I like the "Stroked Pencil Drawing" or the "Detailed Pencil Drawing" filter under "Colorful Drawing Effects" but there are others, too.

6. Click on the icon of the effect you want.

7. Go to the bottom of the page and click on choose file. On your computer, choose the file then wait until you see the title of your image on the photo editor page.

8. Click on "View Effect Result" or "Download Result." In my experience, it is rather slow to view the effect. I often skip that step. (If I don't like the downloaded result, I can delete it later.)

9. Click on "Download Result." If you clicked on "View Result", you have to click the left arrow at the top of your window to go back to the original page to click "Download Result."

10. After it downloads ---and it may be slow ---it says to choose F5 to go back to the original page. However, that doesn't work for me (maybe because I have a Mac.) I just use the arrow to return to the previous page. I also have the page bookmarked so I can easily return to it.

11. Your first item will appear in your download folder with the name online_photo_editor-result.jpg or it might end in png if you used a black and white effect. You need to change the file names later.

12. If you want to try a different filter with the same photo, you have to start over, choose a filter, choose the file again, etc. It will go into your download folder with a slightly different title. It might have a dash and a 2 at the end, or jpg instead of png or vice-versa.

13. Open up your edited photos in your regular enhancement software to make additional changes, if you wish.

I haven't tried it yet, but I think some of these
might look good over others, either making the top layer transparent or changing it to overlay mode.

You might want to try clicking on other tabs at the top of the Picture to People page.  I attempted one watercolor effect that gave the option to choose some parameters, but it wanted an image of 1 MB or less. I had to reduce it to 4.3 X 3.225 inches at 150ppi. The only choice was calculate effect. But since there was no option to download, I had to right click and choose to copy it, then paste it into a new Photoshop file. I thought it looked terrible ---not like watercolor at all.

"Mail Pouch"
This was the first image I tried with this photo editor.
I used the "Dark Pencil Drawing" effect.
I then opened the image in Photoshop
to increase the color saturation and
add a signature.

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Knipsa Passtscho said...

Thank you for that wonderful link! For me it's nice to have many choices. They all call the effects the same, but in the end they all look different.
The only bad thing about online editors is for people with limited internet, they are sending it again and again. 2 MB to that page and 2 MB again for the download back to the computer. The monthly allowance shrinks quick that way.
Your examples are great to see a little bit before one goes there, that helps alot I think :)
Thank you again!
And the picture you used for this is beautiful :)
Have a fine day

Anonymous said...

Det är roligt att leka med bilder och se hur det blir.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Like detailed etching. Like an impressionst photo of a scene. Lovely.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Back again. Yes. The art in my post is actually outdoors in a garden.

abrianna said...

My favorite is the mail pouch photo. That editor seems interesting, but too many steps involved to get the effects.

Lmkazmierczak said...

Nicely presented...I am used to editing on my phone now but maybe eventually I'll need some on-line editing choices♪

marsha said...

thanks for the link. It looks like it does nice effects!

Prairie Jill said...

Interesting effects! I really like that last one.

NatureFootstep said...

the size problem I figured out long ago. That is one reason why my art images is fairly small, to be able to show the actual filters. I think the problem is that most softwares was initiated when digital cameras was new and images very small compared to modern sizes. The old filters are not able to work with too large images.

Leonardo Almeida said...

Picture to People "Easy Online Photo Editor" was created for user easiness, since it has many pre-configured photo effects in a unique dashboard. Just select one, click and you are done.

To choose among most P2P configurable photo editors, I suggest you go here: Some photo effect makers you can find there are totally exclusive.

Concerning you criticism about the watercolor photo effect, if you think that default strong strokes and ink dilution don't produce a watercolor piece as you expect, you can configure that photo editor to produce smoother strokes and colors. Moreover, there is a new watercolor software in final development stage to be published at Picture to People site soon. Maybe this new one can make you happier.

I would also like to comment this image you have chosen to test the photo editors makes the test kind of biased. For many effects the results can be kind of different if you upload a smoother input image, like, for example, a portrait (that leaf textures have a too high frequency). The graphic effect result always depends on the input image properties.

By the way, you could like to know P2P graphic apps now accept photos having up to 3MB. Besides, now all photo editors have a download button to let you get the effects you create in an easier way.