Sunday, April 13, 2014

Foggy Bottom

I love taking photos and I especially love to take photos in fog.  As most of my readers know, I am a night owl.  I stay up all night and go to bed anytime between 8 am and noon depending on what I've gotten myself into during the night.

On Friday night ----well, Saturday morning ---I decided to go to the 24/7 grocery store.   When I opened the door to leave while it was still dark out, I was awed by the deep fog.  So I made sure I had my camera.  It was cool ---high 40ºs.  I didn't need to buy much that was cold, only some cheese and yogurt that I figured would last for an extra hour or so while I took some photos.  When I left the store it was barely light out.  I headed toward some back roads and started snapping photos.

These are some of the best ones I took. Click on any image to see larger views. (Then click on the X in the top right to return to this page.)
 I loved this line of bare trees and the sun trying to peek above the evergreen trees on the right.
The branches in the foreground contrast nicely against the hazy barn and trees.
The same broken fence is featured in this black and white photo and the colored photo below.
This has a rather eerie ambience. It might be a good image for a halloween card.
Same broken fence as above but the photo was framed differently and it is in color.
A graveyard in front of a small church with the sun trying to break through the fog between tree branches.
These last two are the exact same photo of an old shed. I retained the color on this one and.....
...changed this one to black and white.
I like them both in different ways.