Friday, November 11, 2011

22 Things I Have Done in My Life

Mama Kat had a writing prompt to make a list of 22 things I had done in my life.  I didn't write it at the time it was posted, so I am doing it now.  Click on the link in #21 for a post about that event,

1. Learned to play the piano, starting at age 5, 1950
2. Became a Brownie and later a Girl Scout, 1953-1960
3. Worked as a waitress for Kiwanis Club meetings, c.1957-63
4. Won several awards for my art work in High School and later as a professional artist 1963-present
5. Was involved in several school plays, c.1962-63
6. Worked as a hall counselor in my college dorms, 1965-67
7. Attended an advanced placement Peace Corps Training program, summer 1966
8. Earned a BS degree in Art Education, 1967
9. Lived and worked in an underdeveloped region in northeastern Brazil as a Peace Corps Volunteer and learned to speak fluent Portuguese 1967-1969
10. Taught art in public schools in PA, 1969-1999
11. Married husband #1, 1971
12. Left my husband and bought a house, 1978
13. Adopted numerous cats over the years: 8 in all, plus a few kittens one of our adoptees had before we realized she was pregnant ---found homes for them.
14. Married current husband, 1985
15. Bought another house, 1987
16. Retired. 1999
17. Worked temp. jobs 1999-2002
18. Wrote art reviews for a local newspaper, 2001-2002
19. Worked as a senior customer service rep for a wireless phone company, 2002-2008
20. RE-retired, 2008
21. Traveled back to Brazil to visit old friends, former students and my Peace Corps site. While in Brazil, I visited two places I always regretted missing while I lived there 42 years earlier: the Amazon region and Iguaçu Falls, 2011
22. Organized and attended a reunion of my Peace Corps Training Group to coincide with the 50th Peace Corps Anniversary in DC, 2011

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