Friday, November 28, 2008


mixed media (acrylic painting with photographs on stretched canvas)
(©2001 C.J.Peiffer)

(©1995 C.J. Peiffer)

                            The new-born calf,
                                 his damp black and white hairs plastered to his hide,
                                 huge brown eyes bewildered in his new-found world,
                                 rests, legs bent under him in the moist straw.
                            He raises his tiny head, is half up on one thin wobbly leg.
                            Unsteady, he falls, slumping to his straw bed, exhausted.
                            Another try and he is up, all trembling legs, scared eyes,
                                 and quivering ears.
                            The cow licks him with her large, rough tongue
                                 and nuzzles him under her belly toward her warm milk
                                 to fill his uncertain emptiness.

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